Mansi Dhanraj Shetty


A late bloomer, Mansi started reading way past the Enid Blyton age. While bookworms around her spoke of Nancy Drew and The Famous Five, she knew the likes of Sweet Valley High, Fear Street and Roald Dahl. Disillusioned by how little she knew about books, she gave up reading altogether through her growing-up years, only to be introduced to Jeffery Archer, five years later. After that, there was no turning back. Mansi is a voracious reader who devours books by the dozen and flits from one to the other, almost like she is programmed to do so. A content strategist, amateur blogger, armchair traveller and a foodie who prefers vegetarian fare, Mansi would readily retire if she was paid to read!

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About Us

A book readers’ blog which features recommendations based on the mood of the reader, rather than standard searches based on what you read last.

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