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Samantha Sweeting, a 29-year-old top notch lawyer has lived her whole life focused on only one dream – to become a partner at her firm. On the day of being announced partner, she realises she made a mistake that is going to cost the company 50 million dollars! Samantha never makes mistakes; unsure of how to face the consequences, she flees and unknowingly takes a train to rural London. She knocks at the nearest door and finds herself mistaken for as a housekeeper. Instead of telling the truth, she decides to stay on till she hears from her office. But wait, she can’t cook or iron or do any of the household chores… A fun read with many hilarious scenes, the book is simple and witty without a dull moment! All the characters of the book are loveable and ladies – you’ll find yourself blushing when you read about Nathaniel. From the writer of ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, Sophie Kinsella – this is a lighthearted book which uplifts your spirit!

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