When you’ve finished watching the final season of GOT and are looking for something wildly adventurous and mysterious

Set in post war Barcelona, in 1911, Daniel’s father, a book dealer initiates him into a members only secret club where a treasure trove of rare books are preserved, and he gets to chose and keep one book. Daniel picks The Shadow of the Wind by Julian Carax. As Daniel learns more about Julian Carax, secrets begin to unravel and he is hunted by someone who has been carefully destroying copies of Julian Carax’s books. What is the mystery behind Julian Carax and why did he disappear from Barcelona? Who is Nuria Manfort and what does she have to do with The Shadow of the Wind? What does Penelope have to do with Carax’s disappearance? Why is mysterious man threatening Daniel to get rid of the book? And why is the loathed Inspector Fumero hot on his tail? Who is the eccentric Fermin Romero de Torres and how is he entangled in this riveting tale of doomed love, tyranny and murder? Read this incredible, spell binding journey into ruins, labyrinth, pebbled streets and haunted mansions of Barcelona which are vividly brought to life.

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